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Ruc Mon Cave

Ruc Mon Cave Adventure

8 hours
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Ruc Mon Cave Adventure is for those who want to take on the majestic Ruc Mon challenge. Ruc Mon Cave was discovered in early 2017, and it is so large that it is nearly impossible for visitors to go all the way through it. It is located on the border of Vietnam and Laos, so one assumes it will have to go through two different entrances to be discovered. This cave system includes the Dry Cave and the Wet Cave. You will have to hike, walk, and swim through the entrance, as well as cross several rivers and streams, including cave rivers, using ropes. Come and join us in this unique and unforgettable experience, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete this challenge

  • Explore one of the largest caves in Phong Nha area with countless flora and fauna, ecological diversity...
  • Learn about the incredibly diverse flora and fauna
  • Learn about the life of the people in Hoa Son village
  • Explore the giant stalactites and Swim up to 3 km inside the cave
  • Explore, immerse yourself in the water combined with swimming and climbing 12 km inside the Cave
  • Conquer the layers of minerals and fossils formed millions of years from the 1st to the 3rd floor (average height 40-400m)
  • Enjoy traditional BBQ food of the indigenous people here.

Tour Plan

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Morning time

From 07:30 – 08:00 Tour guide picks up guests to Green land Travel headquarters to prepare necessary equipment for the trip. Get information on trip schedules and safety recommendations. During the journey, you will be introduced by the guide to the history of the cave’s formation and development as well as some of the traditional culture of the Chut ethnic group.

09:30 We will stop at Tang Hoa village of Chut ethnic group, where is close to the Vietnam-Laos border area strictly controlled by border guards. From here we will go to Hoa Son village where only a few households live and start the walking journey.


11:00 After following the small road along the river to reach the mouth of Ruc Mon cave. You will be overwhelmed by the beautiful and mysterious cave mouth.

Here, we will enjoy a BBQ lunch prepared by the porter team. After lunch, we will rest at the cave mouth for 15 minutes and prepare the necessary equipment. We start the journey to swim along the water (2km), then climb to different rock layers and admire the growth of huge limestone patches formed over millions of years. Conquer the dry cave with 3 floors with countless layers of minerals, stalactites….

16:00 After finishing the caving journey, you will be greeted with delicious cups of coffee, drinks and cakes thoughtfully prepared by our Porter team. After resting and relaxing, we return to the village. The journey ends by the bus back to Phong Nha from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.

Key info

Duration: 1 day

Adventure level: Medium difficulty

Minimum age: 12 years old

Departure: Daily group tour (private tour on request)

Group Size: 2-14 people

Start time: 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM

Finish time: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM


We will provide

  • Lunch, snacks after the tour, drinking water, Medical equipment and medicine
  • Tour equipment: Shuttle bus, helmet, headlight, gloves, socks, treeking sandals, long-sleeved shirt, towel, life jacket...
  • English guide, professional porter team
  • Waterproof bag for camera and phone.

You will need

  • Swimwear
  • Clothes that dry easily
  • 1 set of clothes to change after the trip
  • Can bring shoes, sandals to change after the end of the journey
  • Personal items: Mosquito spray, sunscreen, glasses, hats...
Important notes
  • Due to weather conditions, the company may change the route to ensure safety
  • Please check and make sure you understand the details of the tour that you will join to ensure you get the value you expect of the journey.
  • Do not bring jewelry and other valuable accessories.


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